1. Shakuma Afro Shake Workout Original

Shakuma Afro Shake Workout Original is the most fun, simple, intensive & effective workout ever . Total body workout that will make you move & shake all your body parts at the same time. Shakuma is the number one stress release workout with a simple movement starting with unblucking your shoulders while working on your arms, then we move on to unluck your waist to make it  easier to move your hips. Shakuma exercise is build around your shoulder, waist, hips & your legs.  Shakuma is the only  exercise that will make you shake all your body at once inclusing your butts & your abbs. There is an easy co-ordination between your arms-shoulders, waist,hips & your legs! by doing so  ,it will make your bode more flexible.

Shakuma Afro shake workout exercise last for one hour!
Which we split in 4 parts:

  1. Warming up
  2. Afrodance moves & shake workout
  3. Stretching & abbs workout
  4. Cool down with body shake.

2. Shakuma Bootcamp

Shakuma Bootcamp exercise is an upgrade of Shakuma original. High impact workout exercise & a total body workout , with half a kilo weights that will give you more power to work on you upper body for maximum result & satisfaction. This workout is Afrobeat & afro dance moves! it’s fun, simple, inrensive & effective. Shakuma will help you move & shake your bode, express your inner self to release your stress.

Shakuma Bootcamp is split into 4 parts

  1. Warming up.
  2. Power shake & body move / extra arms workout
  3. Stretching & abbs Workout
  4. Cool down with bode shake.

Recommended age from 15 y.

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3. Shakuma Step Workout 

Shakuma Step Workout is a double high impact total body workout, with weights & step. This exercise is designed to  workout on your arms/upper body & legs at the same time.
During this one hour workut, we quarantee you 100% condition workout, strong muscles building, stress release, flexibility, co-ordination. It’s fun, simple, intensive & effective. This power workout is going down on the best afrobeat music ,specially selected by King Franky.
Your fitness is our business & your satisfaction is our responsibility.

The most result comes from your best worout/exercise.
If you put in 100%, you get back 100%.
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4. Kids 

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